Fishing storage gear

Rod bags, Fishing backpack and essentials bags

Born from demand, our fresh range of fishing rod bags, the backpack and the essentials bags make your trip out fishing a bit easier. The purpose to keep your hands free where possible while comfortably carrying all your fishing gear to your favorite spot. If you haven't seen our range make sure you view them on our website. All made right here in house at BDM, using only the best materials that we can source so the gear you purchase will last for decades. In the range are 2 sized rod bags so you can carry your rod and reels together or put quite a few rods in the bags. Equipped with a carry handle and also the ability to add a shoulder strap to the D rings that are incorporated with it. Velcro flap closure keeps it all together. And another idea, why not use the bags to store your fishing rods in at home. Use the hanging methods in your garage or shed.  Something we are proud of is the backpack. Slide your filleting board in the back pocket and sling it on your back for a hands free walk down to the beach or jetty. When your done with it all you can even wash it off with water from the hose and that will make sure the sand and salt is kept at bay and you prolong the life of the bags. Make sure you check them out or pop instore to touch and feel them. 


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