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Watch out for inferior camping storage gear

Our guide to choosing quality camping storage gear

With so much soft storage gear on the market how do you choose what is best for you and your setup? 

Generally it starts with sizing, what suits your drawers, what suits the space you have and then you decide on what style/colour you would like to go for. While on this journey you discover information like thickness of material, colour, style, features, the logo, price and who else has these items, yes this is the hard bit choosing between what is perfect for you. 

Why choose our gear? For starters we love the outdoors, we love a good off- grid camp. WA is quite rugged and the gear you need must support you thru your journey. Lets be honest though, most of us aren't out every weekend so we need to come to a happy balance with our choice of storage gear. Our gear is built with the basics in mind. It must be user friendly, it must be easy to care for and it must be fit for purpose while being friendly on the wallet. 

Canvas: Across our entire range we use a 11oz ripstop charcoal coloured canvas. How did we get to this? We actually had this made for our vehicle awnings specifically. Yep tailor made just for us direct from the mill. It performed superbly for our awnings with great UV qualities and water resistance, yet still ultra breathable. Super strong warp and weft strength. In choosing a canvas for our range, we thought, yeah why not use this canvas, and that's how we got to the canvas being chosen. And one of the best things is its made in NSW by Wax Converters Textiles. They supply canvas to our defense forces, Drifta, Destination 4WD awnings and many other good Australian businesses. 

Accessories: zipping, sliders, webbing, clear PVC, logos, binding tape, marine carpet, thread. Lets face it, these components all play a key role in a successful piece of storage gear. Most of these items are imported from overseas. But that doesn't mean the quality is inferior. We are ultra selective on which country it comes from and we always have samples arrive to us for testing before rolling it out in anything new we make. Ill give you a little example: zipping and sliders. We have been using the exact zipping and sliders in our toolbags range for 20 years. If a zip in a toolbag up north west WA can survive being thrashed most days of the week, we are pretty confident that the same combo will survive being used in another outdoors application. 

Cutting and Sewing: All our campers choice gear is cut on our automated aeronaut table. It then is transferred to our team of sewing machinists who process sew components in an assembly line style of manufacture. We don't believe in sweat shops which is normally thought of when you hear mass sewing rooms. We love our staff and do our very best to look after them and provide good conditions. We have a few machinists in training and we have a number who have decades of experience. Unbeatable crew.

Summary: You will never hear us bag out other soft storage competitors. There is a place for many and it comes down to what you want and what your going to do with it considering all factors. But just so you know, we back every single piece we make, we have a store front 5 days per week and you can call us 5 days per week. You can contact us thru socials and we will get back to you. We are here and always will be to back you and your purchase. So if you've read this blog to this point THANKYOU 


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