2024 is here

Whats up?

2024 is here. Hope your break was good! So whats planned for Campers Choice? 

We wont be straying too far from what we do best: AUSTRALIAN MADE. Keeping this in focus will mean we limit new product offerings and ensure what we offer is viable and can be supported for decades to come. So if we dont offer something it will generally be for a good reason, either there is stiff competition from imports or the price is simply too expensive for us to make it here in Rockingham. But we are open to doing bulk runs of certain items if there is enough support. 

Australian Made: what does that mean to us? Its more than just having the logo fluffed around. For us it means: locally sourced materials from within Australian where possible, all our gear we make is actually cut onsite by our team, its all sewn here onsite and we are family owned ( we all live south of the river and thats all 3 families) Our relationships we have with our suppliers is vital and they appreciate our support and they are Australian owned. And another important point: our gear must stand up to our climate and how it will be used. How are you involved? You the customer want value for money knowing what you have bought will perform and be fit for purpose for more than just a few years. So if something isnt right we will sort it out asap for you. EDUCATION: our goal this year thru our socials will be to educate on what it really means to be Australian made. And together we can make a difference and be viable for generations to come. 

Thanks for having a read, and of course, any questions you would like to ask us, send us an email thru our website, it will get answered! Lets do 2024!!!!!!!



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